Paula Machín

Paula MachínIn 2007, at the third year of my grade in Environmental Science in Madrid I went with an Erasmus scholarship to Lund, Sweden, to finish it. There I met very good ornithologist as Thomas Alerstam, Dennis Hasselquist, Åke Lindström and Martin Green, who motivate me to get further into the avian world. There I worked in the Natural Reserve of Kvismaren with the Great reed warbler project, which is running since more than 20 years, and performed some small research projects on birds.

I enjoyed the education so much, that I stayed one more year doing a MSc in Animal ecology. For my MSc thesis I went to Lapland to study the reproductive ecology of waders. I fell deeply in love with it so I decided to continue the project for five more years, becoming now my PhD. The project covers many aspects of the ecology of waders such as predation and reproductive success, migration, chick growth, habitat selection, food availability, sex roles and more. Although all wader species of Ammarnäs are included, the emphasis is on the Golden Plover.

I have been working for few months per year for a German environmental consulting as a Principal Investigator, where we mainly study reproductive success, abundance and behaviour of passerine species.

Currently I am performing several projects of birds in multiple countries, as Chile, Sweden, UK and Spain.

I dedicate my free time to travel, if possible to places with great culture, bird density and high biodiversity.

2 thoughts on “Paula Machín

  1. Lars Gezelius May 24, 2013 / 8:13 pm

    Hi Paula! Will u go to Ammarnäs also 2013? Regards

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