Martin Green

Ph. D student at the Bird Migration Group since Dec. 1997. My work covers a quite large piece of the “bird migration cake” with studies of everything from large-scale migration patterns down to individual flight behaviour. So far I have mainly worked with arctic-nesting waterbirds, geese and waders. Key issues in my studies are adaptations to wind, both how wind affects general migration intensity and how wind influences individual behaviour such as flight speed, flight direction and flight altitude. Another key question is the study of if migrating birds can gain anything energywise by flying in formation. I carry out my work by using radar (both tracking- and surveillance radar) and optical range finder for tracking birds in the process of migration. To get the possibility to follow migrating birds on a larger scale I use satellite- and radiotelemetry, so far we have followed the migrations of Dark-bellied Brent Geese and Bar-tailed Godwits with these methods. I also do some experimental work in the Lund wind tunnel concerning the formation flight.

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