Ingrid Tulp

Senior researcher at the Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies (IMARES), Wageningen University at IJmuiden, The Netherlands.

My work is mainly focussed on the interface between the sea and human use of the sea. I am involved in projects that study human impact in the coastal area such as effects of fishing, harbour extensions, and the evaluation of compenation measures. I did my PhD on arctic breeding shorebirds in the Russian Arctic, with a focus on on timing of breeding. I am happy that we managed to get a scholarship for Rob van Bemmelen’s PhD. As his supervisor I have an excuse to visit the Arctic again after several years with mainly desk work, too much project management and too little biology. Rob’s project deals with the connectivity between the northern breeding grounds and the ocean. Combining the recently developed technical tracking devices and isotope signatures analysis of feathers, we aim to map resource use along individual migratory routes. Such information can be used to identify productive areas and areas of high conservation value. For Rob’s project I will spend several weeks each year at Slettness, northern Norway to catch Arctic Skuas and Red-necked Phalaropes and equip them with geolocators.



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