Juan Fernández-Elipe

Born in Madrid (Spain), 1979. Always interested in nature, I studied a four year degree in Environmental Sciences in Madrid when I got more focus on birds and started to collaborate in research studies doing field work. I am very interested in everything concerning ecology and evolution, having a special interest in both waders and avian breeding ecology.

Since 2007 I work as a field biologist in environmental impact assessment studies where I mostly work with farmland birds studying their reproductive performance after pesticide application. Due to the seasonality of my work, the rest of the year I travel around the world and continue my education as an ecologist, performing research studies independently where I focus in bird migration and breeding ecology on birds.

Since 2009 I am a member of the wader project team in Ammarnäs where I study breeding ecology of boreal waders. We monitor reproductive success and survival of different bird species, including avian predators such as the Long-tailed Skua and Common Gull, with special interest in their interactions with wader´s reproductive performance and lemming cycles.

In 2010 I studied a master degree in Animal Ecology at Lund University (Sweden) and I looked into habitat selection and chick survival of Golden Plovers for my Master´s final project.

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