Åke Lindström

Professor at the department of Biology, Biodiversity unit (Lund University), Sweden.

My research is focused on the dynamics of bird population size and distribution, not least how the birds are influenced by climate and land use change. Both in Sweden and in Europe, birds are responding quickly to a warming climate. They are generally moving north with rising summer temperatures, but not fast enough to completely track the climate. Further, habitat specialists are slowly replaced by habitat generalists. This work is directly related to my position as head of the Swedish Bird Survey, a nationwide program for monitoring the breeding birds in Sweden.

I’m also since long interested in bird migration, in particular the behaviour, physiology and energetics of fuel deposition and flight. Through the years this has meant much work in the field, not least in the Arctic, as well as wind tunnel, laboratory and literature studies, and some theoretical work. The present focus is on migratory Great Snipes and their migration strategy, which we study by geolocators. Since long I also study the population ecology, moult and fuel deposition of passerines in Swedish Lapland.

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