New CR-Golden Plover resighting in Denmark


Last 4th of May, Kim Fischer notified us of the presence of a colour-ringed Golden Plover in Fanoe beach, Denmark. And it is indeed one of our Ammarnäs birds from the project on the ecology of breeding waders in northen Sweden!


Golden Plover Yfl/WL;W/m resighted in Fanoe Beach, Denmark. Photos by Kim Fischer
The bird was first caught and colour-ringed as a 3+ male in Raurejaure area on 28/06/2011 on its nest, when it was placed a geologger on its leg (attached to a c-ring) to get data on its movements during the non-breeding season. Two years later (2013) it was retrapped again on its nest on 27/06/2013 when the logger was retreived and got two years of data.
Hjejle 04.05 2016
Location where the bird was observed in Denmark. Kim Fischer
Interestingly this bird is the principal character of our lattest article published in the Journal of Avian Biology in 2015 with two years of geolocator data.
In the figure below, this bird is referred to as 1a (for movements in 2011-2012) and 1b (for movements in 2012-2013). Interestingly, in both years the bird used the same stopover area in Denmark, where actually three other tracked birds made one stopover. Therefore this stopover site must be a very important area during both the south and northbound migration.
Migration routes of Golden Plovers deployed with geolocators.
Migration routes of Golden Plovers deployed with geolocators.



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