Finally some news from Slettnes

After 1,5 week we finally have an internet connection. So here a short update from us at Slettnes, Northern Norway contributing to Rob’s Phd project on arctic breeding seabirds. We (myself, my husband Hans Schekkerman and 5 year old daughter Janne) spend the past week searching for Arctic skua and red-necked phalarope nests, catching them and put geolocators on them. So far we put geolocators (or engines ‘motortjes’ as Janne calls them) on 17 Arctic Skua and 5 on phalaropes. With 400 pairs of Artic Skua there are plenty of opportunities but catching does not always go as quickly as we want, with at most 4 per day untill now. The phalaropes are not as common. Today I checked again nearly all potential sites but came no further than the seven nests already found. Slettnes is really a great place and perfect for this kind of field work, with its fantastic scenery and large number of birds around! We stay at the light house, right in the middle of the colony. Today Hans and Janne left, next week Morrisson Pot, our Msc student, will arrive and we will move to the bird station, one km from the light house.

Janne releases Arctic skua
Janne releases Arctic skua
Slettnes fyr
Slettnes fyr
Arctic skua at Slettnes
Arctic skua at Slettnes

2 thoughts on “Finally some news from Slettnes

  1. Juan June 17, 2014 / 3:46 pm

    Thanks Ingrid for keeping us updated with your work in Slettnes!

  2. Marijke Schekkerman June 21, 2014 / 11:17 am

    What a nice small student Janne is!!!

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