Dunlins are moving south

Last August 10, Caroline Walta reported a new resighting of a colour-marked dunlin in Simonszand, a sandbank between Schiermonnikoog and Rotturmerplaat (The Netherlands). We received the news with great joy, when part of the team was still doing fieldwork in the breeding grounds where this bird was ringed.

Colour-marked dunlin foraging during incoming tide (Simonszand, The Netherlands). Photo: Caroline Walta

This female bird was first ringed the 26th June 2010 in Björkfjället. Next year (2011) was captured again on the nest the 30th June and colour-ringed. Both seasons the nest hatched successfully and the nest site was very close, but since then we haven´t seen it in the area anymore.

Adult females leave the breeding grounds a few days after the nest hatch, leaving the males taking care of the chicks which will stay around until fledging. Therefore, adult females will be the ones reaching stopover sites first, followed by adult males. Young birds will join them later in the long journey to the south.

Breeding area of the colour-marked dunlin in the mountain range of northern Sweden (Lapland) in early June

2 thoughts on “Dunlins are moving south

  1. paco September 2, 2013 / 9:40 pm

    buen trabajo!!!

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