Ringing period

After having found a good number of nests in the area, we have started to try to retrieve lightloggers placed in 2011. Some of this trappings need to be performed during the night, since females mostly incubates at night time, while the male, as a “sentinel” check out for possible dangers.

ImageArea of study during night catching

We did not have many chances, since some nests which adults had a logger have been very soon predated. However, we manage to recapture 2 so far. They belong to a pair, one male and one female, that came back last year 2012 and again this year. We dont know for certain if they manage to breed in 2012, but this year they bred very close from 2011 nest (30m). One of the loggers contains 2 years data, so hopefully we will be able to see where they actually meet and if they indeed leave the area together.

ImageMoult pattern of female with logger trapped


One thought on “Ringing period

  1. "La Prima" June 30, 2013 / 8:46 pm

    Congratulation primos!! I´ll be soon in Ammarnas to trapped all adults with loggers! 😉

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