Field season 2013

Hi everybody! In about a week we will return to Ammarnäs for another glorious field season. Both for the wader team and the Long-tailed Skua team, the main goal is retrieving as many geolocators as possible! And of course to continue with the work done in previous years: monitoring breeding success, survival of adults, etc.

For the skua work, this is a very important year. In 2011, 25 Long-tailed Skuas were fitted with geolocators. These geolocators have a battery life of 2-3 years. After a non-breeding year in 2012, in which retrapping was impossible, the first loggers will stop recording in 2013. It is therefore essential to retrap them as soon as possible. Moreover, the longer we wait, the more loggers may be lost by the birds. Therefore, let’s hope we will retrap them!

Due to the low breeding success caused by the late snow melt and the high predation pressure, just 4 out of 30 geolocators could be retreived from Golden Plovers last season 2012 and no hatchling was monitored. This year seem to be very different. According to the last news of Ammarnäs thanks to the information we got from Roger Book, Kinna and Lennart, very many snow has gone already from the mountains. Tundra Waders and Skuas are ground nesting birds and therefore need snow-free patches to nest. Hence birds will probably start soon with the breeding activity.

This large inter-annual variations make tundra ecosystems very unpredictible and therefore we look forward to finding out how this totally different scenario will affect the breeding performance of these birds compared to last year.

View of Gaissats (Giepejaure) late May 2013
View of Gaissats (Giepejaure) late May 2013
View of Gaissats (Giepejaure) late May 2012
View of Gaissats (Giepejaure) late May 2012

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