Resighting of a colour-marked Dunlin in Portugal

This time news from Portugal announced us on the 1st of November the resighting of a Dunlin (Calidris alpina) on the mudflats of Tejo estuary in Seixal, Setubal (Portugal). This is the first resighting we get of the species outside the breeding grounds since we started with the colour-ring project in 2011. On June of last year, in the largest of our study areas, Björkfjället, this bird was marked on the nest as an adult (>2cy), aged according to the degree of wear of the plumage as well as lack of retained juvenile feathers in wing coverts, and was sexed as a male according to differences in breeding plumage from that of females. Its breeding season 2011 was successfull (at least until hatching date) but we couldn´t resight it again this summer so we don´t have any data from last breeding season.

Colour-ringed Dunlin resighted in Setubal (Portugal)

We are very grateful to Raquel Tavares and Richard du Feu for sending the observation and picture. We hope to get more!


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