Colour-ringed Golden Plover resighted in The Netherlands

Large meadows, fallow lands and stubble fields in The Netherlands are of great importance for the European Golden Plover, providing them with food along their migratory route in their non-breeding season that help to recover fuel deposits and complete the moult they started some months ago in the breeding grounds. Some will spend just some days and migrate further south to France, Spain or north of Africa, but others will probably stay the whole winter at these latitudes or move to Great Britain in search of milder temperatures if the weather gets severe in continental Europe.

Colour-ringed Golden Plover resighted in Wieringen (north of Holland)

Almost two months after the last post, when the first Golden Plover chicks started to hatch in our study area, we get the first resighting of a Golden Plover outside the breeding grounds after the field season 2012. This is one of the 30 birds we supplied with light-loggers in 2011. Due to the late spring and high predation pressure in the area this season, we could finally retreive just four of them, but we will try to get more next summer 2013!

We are very grateful to Fred Visscher for his resighting on the 13th of September and the picture he sent us. Thanks to these observations and the light-logger data, we will get more knowledge about how the birds conduct their migratory movements during the year.


One thought on “Colour-ringed Golden Plover resighted in The Netherlands

  1. MIGUEL ÁNGEL September 17, 2012 / 10:31 am

    Congratulations!. I wish you to locate more.

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