Goldies mark the end of the season

With the longest incubation period of all waders we study, Golden Plover chicks, after around 28 days, finally hatched!

Luck so far has been dismal with hatching, but still will be some survivors of this breeding season 2012, but not enough to do telemetry with them this year. After around 30 days living on the tundra feeding on small arthropods and berries, Golden Plover chicks will be probably also the last ones to fledge and depart from the breeding grounds.

Golden Plover chicks newly hatched

During the first days after hatching, adult waders will brood their Young until they can thermoregulate. In the case of Golden Plovers, both the male and the female share these task, but after around two-three weeks just males will protect and stay together will the chicks until fledging.

This year we were very lucky to observe brooding waders and we would like to share it with you here.


Today, Paula and Juan are going back home. Johannes and Dafne will stay 10 days more to monitor the last few active nests that remain.

It has been a very challenging field work season where we have faced the incredibly variable tundra ecosystem.  Thanks all of you for following the blog and your encourage comments. We will see us back next year hoping for a better breeding season 2013!


Colour-marked Dunling male alarming

One thought on “Goldies mark the end of the season

  1. videoaves July 22, 2012 / 7:33 pm

    Great videos! Thanks for sharing!
    Congratulations and best wishes from the north (even more)!

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