New life on the tundra!

We are in luck..!  More than two weeks later than last year, on the 10th of July we had the first wader hatchlings overthetreeline!

Some wader nests have survived until hatching in this odd breeding season with a very high predation pressure. The first wader hatchlings on the tundra have been a clutch of four Ruff and a Dunlin nest where just one hatched at the time of the visit, with still three eggs more about to hatch in the next few hours. Still some nests are hopefully hatching in the next days or weeks.

Ruff chick

Tiny surface-living arthropods are the main food resource for wader chicks on the tundra. In these last days we are having the peak of arthropod abundance, matching perfectly with the first hatchings, but how long will it last this late season?, will be enough food left for the last hachlings? and will they have time to fledge before the first snow fall?. This year more than others they have a very tight schedule.

Dunlin nest with one freshly hatched chick
Dunlin chick

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