Predators win

What can we say after seeing the picture of the mountains this last week?….predators win!

They predate 70% of the Golden plover nests we had located in the study area in just few days. Due to the long period with snow cover in the area, predators had more chances to find wader nests. It is also important to mention that last year was a peak of lemmings (our good friend that is missing now), which made breeding of predators succesful last seasson, increasing their numbers in the area.

Plovers are hanging around together, in flocks of up to 100 individuals, ready to departure southwards at any moment…there is nothing else to do in the mountains…lets try next year (they may think…). We also think the same, due to this odd season we don’t have nothing else to do here. It is pretty sad to see the tundra like this. In previous years, normal situation would be the ground plenty of chicks everywhere of different species…Although we will have some, it will have to wait at least one more week…

We will come back next year with full batteries to try to recover some more light-loggers and do monitoring of chicks.


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