Back home

In phalaropes, the females leave the area just after laying the eggs – leaving the male behind to take care of the brood. Therefore, we only capture males…They are often very tame, as shown by this individual that was happily keeping its eggs incubated while we were watching it from only two meters!

A very tame male keeping its eggs warm.

Yesterday, we went up to Gelmetje to capture Red-necked Phalaropes. We caught four individuals in total, of which the last bird had a big surprise in store: it was already wearing a ring! Checking the ringing forms of earlier years, it turned out to have been ringed as a tiny chick (weighing less than 5 grams) last year in the same area. Now, it was a fully grown male, breeding its own eggs!

This male Red-necked Phalarope was ringed last year as a chick!

So, this tough little bird was back home again. I (Rob) will be back home in about a week – I will start my southward migration today. Hope you have been enjoying the blog, and hope to see you next year at the Overthetreeline blog!


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