First wader hatchlings

As you may remember, in late May we found the first wader nest of the season bellow the treeline. It was a Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) nest with four criptic eggs laid on the meadows around Ammarnäs delta.  Now, after around three weeks of incubation, the chicks are finally hatched!

View of Ammarnäs delta from the Potatisbacken

In contrast with what it looks up on the tundra, the meadows around Ammarnäs are fully green and many colourful flowers start to grow. Behind the tall grass, the newly hatched Lapwing chicks hide still and silent to not get discovered by predators, while adults give them warmth and protection. They are precocial birds and with their well developed beaks, eyes and legs, just some hours after hatching they start to forage mainly on arthropods which they find on the ground of  the rich meadows.

Newly hatched Lapwing chicks

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