Lemmings did’nt crash….yet!

On the 4th of June we went up to another study area, Bjorkfjället. Still with a pretty high snow cover, we found some interesting things, as two alive lemmings!  This is a good new, because if the tundra holds some rodent numbers, skuas and owls could eventually breed. Last year was a very high lemming peak year, so it was expected a big decrease on lemming abundance this spring.

Lemming running on a snow-free patch.

During the day in Bjorkfjället we could also observe 4 female Dotterel foraging and flying by, some Dunlins, 1 Red-necked Phalarope, around 6 Golden Plover pairs, some of them behaving as if they had a nest. Finally, few Long-tailed Skuas were observed but still without any territorial behaviour.


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