Fueling up before breeding

When arriving to Ammarnäs we were amazed by the big numbers of waders that were actively feeding on the meadows around the delta. In the previous years we have just seen few numbers of some species but not the numbers that are right now. Due to the great amount of snow on the mountains, the birds have to wait down in the valley for some snow-free patches to breed.

Group of Golden plovers on the delta

We have counted more than 400 Golden plovers, ~100 Red-necked phalaropes, ~50 Redshanks and Wood sanpipers, ~20 Dunlins, 3 Oystercatchers, 5 Bar tailed godwits, 3 Teminck´s stints, Greenshanks, Lapwings, Common sandpipers, Common snipes, Woodcocks and Ringed plovers. There are also Lesser white-fronted, Pink-footed, Greylag, and Bean Geese. About the ducks we could see a pair of Shoveler, some Wigeons, Mallards, Tufted ducks, Teals and Goldeneyes.

Golden plover foraging on earthworms
Golden plover feeding on an earthworm

One thought on “Fueling up before breeding

  1. accesoalatierra June 1, 2012 / 3:20 pm

    great! Good pictures, look like another place with so much waders down there!
    A huge hug for all the goldenplover-dunlin-skua team! I miss you

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